Tumblr awesomeness

Tocmai am văzut asta pe tumblr şi nu m-am putut abţine.

I just want a huge magic battle between Merlin and Morgana and it seems like Morgana is winning and so she gloats and calls for Aithusa, thinking Aithusa will definitely finish off Merlin but Merlin only smiles and goes, “really, bitch?” and Aithusa is all excited about seeing Merlin again and Morgana is all horrified because now she realizes just who Merlin is and tries to plead with him, that she was so misguided and that if he had just opened up to her, none of this would happen. but when Merlin has that moment, that one fleeting moment that maybe Morgana has a small sliver of good left in her, Morgana tries to kill him but Aithusa steps in and saves Merlin and Morgana dies and Merlin goes to hug the dragon but hey, look who’s behind him. it’s Arthur.

Bahahaha. So cool.

Haters gonna haaaaate. But I lurve Merlin.

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